Government Regulations/Legislation, etc. task force report to Congress June 2010

Pew Reports on Safety
Four essays addressing risky behaviors and online safety by educators, researchers, and risk-prevention specialists published by Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society

On Intellectual Freedom


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Access Denied (MIT Press)

Internet Filtering: The Effects in a Middle and High School Setting (Deborah G. Simmons)

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Steve Dembo's handouts
In an era when student missteps can linger on the internet for years, and stories of predators and cyberbullies dominate the news, there are plenty of reasons for schools to tighten their firewalls. But is banning really a viable response? How do we help students learn to leverage the powerful new tools that are available to them? What policies do we set that ensure that learning and safety go hand in hand? See how some districts have embraced new technologies while still maintaining high standards and keeping their students safe.
Presentation with sample policies and articles
Presentation and resources from MACUL 2009
Presentation and resources from FETC 2010